QBox it’s a public automated warhorse used for the storage of different kind of goods. Intuitive, safe and reliable is designed to improve significantly the quality of life in the modern city.

Thinking at a motorbike trip and the inconvenience of carrying the helmet while visiting charming places. Consider that we have to deliver documents to our co-worker and the impossibility to meet. Imagine the anxiety to stay closed at home awaiting the arrival of our package that we bought on internet.

Thanks to Qbox this will be just a bad memory. From today we can entrust and make deliver our goods to Qbox. The time has come to feel truly free. Feel Free!

Sign up for free

The first step necessary to use Qbox is to sign up free by submitting your credentials. To take full advantage of its potentiality and speeding up the operation of identification, loading and unloading, it is possible to download on our smartphone or tablet the dedicated application (available for IOS and Android).

Identify QBox

Using the app Qbox I can located the nearest storehouse and the number of bin available inside. This geolocalization service can also be used to located the fastest route to return at the Qbox in which I have deposit my goods.

Access and deposit

To use QBox I connect typing my data on the touch screen or simply placing my smartphone. From this moment I’ll have at my complete disposal one or more slot in which I can insert everything I want. Now that my goods are placed safely in Qbox, I can serenely do the activities that I prefer in freedom.

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